Events In Detail

March 2018 saw the exciting launch of our first Big Deal banner stores.

With over 100 Big Deal banner stores up and running, this section of our business is growing well. Save-a-Lot provides Big Deal Banner stores with supplier-sponsored exterior signage, and also takes care of the installation. Bunting is supplied free to each store on joining and on-leaflet promotions are run each month. Each Big Deal member receives a minimum of 300 customised leaflets as part of each promotion (with their store name included), a shelf talker for every line on the promotion, as well as one A3 window poster.

There are four Big Deal store formats: Express; Superette; Supermarket; and Hyper. Stores range from 80m² (container shops) to the hyper format of around 1 200m². Big Deal members must meet a selection of operational, marketing and branding criteria, which determines their store type. This includes counter or self-service; the departments inside the store; number of products on leaflet and what signage they will utilise

Four car giveaways were held on 2 June 2018, at participating stores Food Town Hyper Rustenburg, Food Town Thlabane, Food Town Hyper Vryburg and Food Town Khayelitsha. The campaign was initialized with an SMS campaign to let consumers know about the competition. A fifth giveaway took place at Food Town Savemoor on 4 August 2018. The vehicles gave participating suppliers an excellent opportunity to market their brands, while excitement on the day was intensified with spot prizes, a DJ at each store and a multitude of participating supplier activities. Five lucky entrants were drawn at random on the day from all the entry tickets received, and each one was given a key. The key that opened the car was the grand prize winner, but there were also many runner-up prizes to keep the smiles going.

The Save-a-Lot World Cup Soccer campaign ran during the month of July 2018, to tie in with the duration of the FIFA World Cup™. These instore events took place at all Save-a-Lot stores in the form of a consumer competition. Each store received 60 prizes of soccer balls and soccer jerseys. To enter, consumers had to buy one of 20 participating supplier products and two winners were announced each day.

For this day of giving back to the community, the first 100 shoppers over the age of 67 at every Save-a-Lot store received a free hamper worth R150

We ran soup kitchens at each store. The poverty, levels of hunger and deprivation that we see in so many of our communities is heart-breaking, and a cup of warm, nourishing soup with fresh bread will at least take the edge off somebody’s hunger for a little while.

Groups from the community were invited to enter this charity-focused event by submitting recipes to Food Town Khayelitsha. The store then selected the best five recipes. The groups that sent in these recipes were invited to take part in a cooking challenge, with ingredients and utensils supplied by the sponsoring supplier. The group that won the cooking challenge was invited to prepare a gourmet pot of food to donate to a charity organisation of their choice. The Charity Cook-Off Challenge is being rolled out to all stores during the remainder of this year.

On 9 August 2018, every woman who purchased at any Save-a-Lot store received a gift in the form of a mini slab of chocolate or hamper. This event was very well received by the community

A trolley dash for Nelson Mandela Day was held on 21 July 2018 at Powertrade Three Star. Customers ran a trolley for their nominated charity and the top three also won a R500 voucher for themselves. Three charities – Lebone Women Empowerment, Staan Saam and Grace of God Old Age Home – received the items collected in the trolleys.

As part of their Community Responsibility, Miss Rustenburg contestants are required to assist with a Feeding Scheme at Laerskool David Brink, which is situated close to Powertrade Three Star in Rustenburg. The contestants visited the school on 14 August 2018, and there will be another visit again in October. Powertrade Three Star donated items for hotdogs for the day.

Save-a-Lot has implemented in-store radio in four of its stores so far – Food Town Hyper Rustenburg, Three Star Powertrade, Food Town Thlabane and Food Town Savemoor. Pre-recorded audio incorporates the latest promotions, commentary and music in a four-hour loop, played through the PA system. It creates great energy and atmosphere in the store. Suppliers also have an opportunity to advertise on the looped audio.

Radio Zibonele

Every Friday from 12h05 – 13h00, we host a radio talk show on Radio Zibonele, a Khayelitsha community radio station. A guest supplier is invited onto the show and is afforded the platform to promote their brands. Listeners are invited to phone in and answer questions stemming from the discussion during the talk show. 10 lucky winners receive a hamper of the supplier’s products ,which must be collected at Food Town Khayelitsha. In the 4 weeks that the show has been running, the community response has been phenomenal. In addition, the guest supplier receives 10 x 30-second advertising slots on the station during the week of their participation.

Save-a-Lot Trader’s Days, which have been successfully implemented and are now running at all Powertrade stores, feature a red hot price promotion with 20 products at killer prices for two days. The stores send out the promotion via WhatsApp to all traders on their database and implement a number of in-store activities to create excitement during the promotion.

The relaunch of UNITY took place in September 2018. Save-a-Lot Marketing  together with UMS National Marketing had worked tirelessly to develop the exciting new UNITY range. The relaunch saw UNITY in new packaging and with a revamped logo. The launch included a media campaign to inform consumers, increase awareness of the brand and drive sales. All stores were supplied with revamped point of sale and pricing had to be consistent throughout the member base. In-store demos allowed consumers to appreciate the quality of the product.

As part of the relaunch, we ran an incentive campaign at Save-a-Lot stores.

Our latest UNITY promotion, held as part of our continued drive to increase awareness of the brand, ran from 1 May to 31 July 2019. There were hampers worth R250 to be won and the campaign made use of social media to spread the message. Customers entered by sending the word UNITY to a WhatsApp competition number, and they could also pop a balloon to receive a discount. Wet demos were held at each store and we also introduced UNITY ‘flash mobs’ that appeared, danced energetically for a few minutes and then dispersing into the crowd.

Heritage Day 2018 was celebrated on the 24th of September at all Save-a-Lot stores. Store Stuff were invited to dress in traditional attire. Our roving judges decided on winners who each won a hamper of products. Customers on that day were also treated to boerewors rolls.

There was much excitement and laughter as our roving judges took photos and chose the best dressed, who won hampers for their efforts. There were also boerewors rolls for customers, with some burly men taking on the role of cooks for the day.

Nine stokvel parties took place during Sept and Oct 2018. These were at Food Town Savemoor (8 Sept); Powertrade Three Star (15 Sept); Powertrade Kuruman (21 Sept); Powertrade Vryburg Cash & Carry (22 Sept); Food Town Hyper Rustenburg and Food Town Thlabane (6 Oct); Powertrade Transito (13 Oct); Powertrade Trade Value (20 Oct); and Food Town Khayelitsha (27 Oct). Each event was followed up with targeted messaging to the stokvels that attended, encouraging the clubs to come and buy their stock at the store.
12000 stokvel members are invited to our events annually

The idea behind the Graffiti Wall is to give suppliers an opportunity to sponsor a panel of a precast wall in a community. Children in the community then draw a supplier’s name out of a hat.

The first of these events took place at Food Town Khayelitsha on 10 November 2018 and as you can see from the pics, there was intense concentration and much fun. Some of the finished artworks were incredibly good. The Graffiti Wall campaign gives children in a community an opportunity to win a bursary, through a creative initiative that also gives suppliers branding exposure. Suppliers are given an opportunity to sponsor a panel of a precast wall. The children in the community then draw a supplier’s name out of a hat. Their task is to paint the supplier’s logo and brand on the wall, with the best one in each community winning a bursary.

The Graffiti Wall campaign is coming up at Food Town Hyper in Vryburg, where children in the community have an opportunity to win a bursary, through a creative initiative that also gives suppliers branding exposure. Suppliers can sponsor a panel of a precast wall and children in the community then draw a supplier’s name out of a hat. Their task is to paint the supplier’s logo and brand on the wall, with the best one in each community winning a bursary.

  • The Save-a-Lot Loyalty Card will be launching in early 2019. Rands spent = points earned, which can be redeemed at Save-a-Lot stores and our partner outlets. Customers earn points from every rand spent instore. Watch this space for more details!

The Bakkie Bonanza ‘pre-owned bakkie giveaways’ campaign continues to create buzz and excitement in Save-A-Lot stores.

In the 4th quarter of 2018, we’ve had events taking place at Powertrade Transito, Powertrade Vryburg Cash & Carry and Powertrade Three Star, as well as a second bakkie giveaway event at Food Town Hyper Khayelitsha. We make sure the store’s trader customers know about the competition through in-store displays, newspaper advertising, leaflets and social media.

This promotion is targeted at traders, who have to buy any 2 of the promoted products, as well as a basket to a specific value, in order to enter. Bakkie Bonanza will continue to be a feature in our marketing programme for 2019.

This campaign features a printed colouring book with supplier-sponsored pages. 100 000 books will be printed and distributed to children in the community. The child colours in the pages and submits to their local Save-a-Lot store to stand a chance to win a bursary to the value of R15 000.

Our Black Friday promotion ran on 23 November and 30 November 2018, with amazing combo deals on both days that had shoppers reaching for more

Our exciting Miss Save-a-Lot beauty pageant will be coming up in March 2019. Young women between the ages of 16 – 24 can enter and the first event will take place on 2 March 2019 at Food Town Tlhabane.

To enter, participants must purchase at least 3 supplier-sponsored products in order to obtain an entry form. They will then be required to attached 2 x full length colour photos of themselves, one in evening dress and one in a bathing costume, and place it in the competition entry box before 31 January 2019. 12 finalists will be selected from the photos submitted. Each finalist will receive a vanity case filled with products from participating sponsors, a bathing costume, a R500 grocery voucher and hair styling on the day of the event. The second princess receives R1 000, the first princess R2 000 and the winner receives R5 000.

Power Up and Win, which is a UMS Northern Division promotion, will be taking place during the last week of January and first week of February 2019. Food Town Savemoor, Powertrade Three Star, Food Town Hyper Rustenburg and Powertrade Vryburg Cash & Carry are among the stores showcasing this promotion.

We now have seven Health and Wellness Clinics in operation, located at Rustenburg Food Town Hyper, Three Star Powertrade Rustenburg, Savemoor Food Town Hyper in Springs; Transito Cash & Carry Powertrade in Welkom; and Khayelitsha Food Town Hyper. Two more clinics – one at Vryburg Food Town Hyper and the other at Kuruman Cash & Carry Powertrade – will also be opening soon.

We have also concluded discussions with Hospice and it is our pleasure to report that Hospice will be running four of the clinics going forward. At this stage the clinics are open two days a week from 9am to 4pm, with nurses in attendance during those times. Share the information with your staff and let them encourage your customers to make use of this valuable community service.

The services on offer include HIV Counselling and Testing; Gender-Based Violence Counselling; Chronic Illness Screening; TB Screening; STI Screening; Referrals for the treatment of HIV, Chronic Illnesses, TB and STIs; Gender-Based Violence interventions; and Nutrition Advice. The clinics are fitted out with clean, tiled floors, a small waiting room and all the necessary equipment for the nurses to offer a professional service.

The clinics also provide nutrition advice. Emthonjeni is a community-based organisation based in Khayelitsha. They also work nationally and have global projects targeting SA communities.

It is led by women and specialises in the empowerment of women. They specialise in engaging communities on HIV prevention research, especially for groups that are vulnerable to HIV.

They also partner with men’s organisations for critical matters to address issues such as of gender-based violence. The clinic will be situated next to the soup kitchen at Food Town Khayelitsha.

The programme will continue to roll out at Save-a-Lot stores during the course of 2019

In our Back to School promotion, which begins on 27 December 2018, we’ll be giving away 10 school uniforms valued at R500 each per store. Back to School will also incorporate our colouring book campaign, which features a printed colouring book with supplier-sponsored pages. 100 000 books will be printed and distributed to children in the community via our Food Town outlets. The child colours in the pages and submits to their local Save-a-Lot store to stand a chance to win a bursary to the value of R15 000.

Digital communication has become an important part of our marketing strategy, as we increasingly find that WhatsApp and Facebook reach more and more consumers in our market. While traditional media – newspapers and printed leaflets – are still a big part of how we reach our customers, we’re really starting to see the power of social media in our market. It is important that we stay on top of developing trends such as these, in order to effectively communicate with our shopper base.

Save-a-Lot Car Giveaways will also run in early 2019, at Food Town Thlabane and Food Town Khayelitsha

This fantastic initiative saw a massive 24 x R1000 vouchers being given away at each Save-a-Lot store over a period of 24 days. The campaign started on 1 December 2018 and ran through to 24 December 2018.

This year, we gave out vouchers on Sunday 10 May for Mother’s Day and on Sunday 16 June for Father’s Day, to the delight of our customers (although we did notice the moms were more delighted than the dads!)

The Win-a-Home Promotion started on 24 June 2019 and continues until the end of September 2019, with one home per store to be won.

11 houses where won in Sept 2019


Shoppers need to purchase a product from any of the 11 participating suppliers, fill in their entry form and place it in the competition entry box to stand a chance of winning the house. Each home is a fully insulated, wellconstructed unit measuring 3m x 4.2m, with raised floors when assembled and manufactured in kit format.

The prizewinners will receive the kit at their specified address where the unit is then assembled, after which the prizewinner takes ownership. The winners also have an option to take the equivalent value in groceries from their participating store.


• Our Birthday Promotion runs from the end of September 2019 to the 3rd week in October 2019.

• Our Stokvel campaign starts on 7 September 201. This is an exciting one – watch this space!

• The countdown to our big Christmas promotion has started, with the campaign starting in October 2019.

• Power up and Win kicks off again in November 2019. This UMS Northern Division campaign runs at selected Save-a-Lot stores and we’ve heard it’s going to be bigger and better than ever this year!

• During this period, we will also be running a Win-a-Spaza Shop campaign with fully customised and stocked container shops on offer as prizes at all our stores.

• The 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, which is from 20 September to 2 November 2019, provides excellent in-store promotional opportunities. We will be running a campaign to coincide with the tournament – more details to follow soon.


Phew! So much going on – let’s keep the energy and inspiration going and motivate one another to be the best we can be, at everything we do.

Until next time, take care and happy trading!